Cold start system
    Glow plugs
    Air heater
    Cold start control units
    Glow plug power control units
    Cold start temperature sensors
    Water heater
    Engineering plastic
    Positive Crankcase Ventilation Pipe Heater
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      ISUZU,highlight of 2014   [2014-03-25]
      The great step to the worldwide market-to be the supplier of GM   [2014-03-23]
      ACGO comes after CAT   [2014-03-23]
      Tianyu Supplier meeting 2012 held in Ningbo   [2014-03-23]
      Passed the Quality Assessment of CAT   [2014-03-23]
      Won the Class A supplier title of JMC   [2014-03-23]
      Based on innovation,building up the core-competitiveness   [2014-03-23]
      Won the Class A supplier title of JAC   [2014-03-23]
      Passed the Quality Assessment of Kubota Corporation on Oct 20th,2009.   [2014-03-23]
      A wonderful show on 60th Anniverary Millitary Parade of China   [2014-03-23]

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